Meet XB-1
Boom's supersonic demonstrator. 

XB-1's build is nearing completion. Our goal? Prove key technologies for safe, efficient and sustainable supersonic travel.

XB-1 3D build animation



“Faster travel brings the world’s people, cultures, and experiences within reach. Life happens in person, and at Boom we see breaking the time barrier as a moral imperative. XB1 is the first step in bringing supersonic travel back to the world.”
With a spectacular Colorado sunrise as their backdrop, Boom team members started the first phase in the bonding of XB-1's cockpit and nose landing gear into the fuselage skin: sanding with a grit blast. Work then moved into the hangar as bonding got underway.
From the balcony overlooking Boom's hangar floor, you can identify XB-1's nose, cockpit, main landing gear bay structure, wings & tooling for its nearly 50-foot forward fuselage.
Creative Director: Michael Sizemore
Design Director: Travis Hess
Copywriter: Alex Gulsby
Photographer: Nathan Leach-Proffer
 Marketing: Megan Young
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