I'm Mike Sizemore - Head of Design & Creative Director residing in Denver, Colorado. I have been working in the creative industry for 12+ years and have an extensive background in advertising, brand, TV production, digital, product design, front-end development, and UX/UI design. I've also been influential in building a multifaceted Internal Agency (within a Fortune 200 company) with 50+ team members from the ground up.

I've been fortunate to work with, build, and lead amazing teams of people during my career. It's honestly my favorite part of the job. Design is human. The most important part is the people. Combine that with a passion for creating great work, and that's what makes being a designer so rewarding and fun. 

I do try to balance work with my love of family time, comic books, BBQ, and craft beer. I enjoy myself most when I'm able to be around friends & family, smoking some good ole BBQ. It's the simple things.

More portfolio work examples specific to Creative Direction and Digital UI/UX available upon request.
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