DISH Flex Pack

Our internal team at DISH was tasked with launching a new Flexible TV package (Flex Pack) for DISH. I co-led concept and design development. We basically broke down advertising to it's most basic form - Black & White. Since launching this new TV package involved educating the consumer. We did not want anything to get in the way of the understanding the offer. This was a national campaign that ran 4 TV spots which were all produced in-house. Flex Pack is a skinny bundle with some of DISH Networks most popular channels. That's it. No fluff. No nonsense. And if there's something you'd like to see more of, you can add Channel Packs. It's simple. The Flex Pack puts control back into your hands. Credits go out to: All of OneTen DISH Creative - Specifically - Nancy Perales, Steve Molnar, Lauren Nadrowski, Travis Hess, Chris Rolofson, and Fuad Talybov for leading and launching this campaign.

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